All You Need is Love - Tribute To The Fab Four

Calgary's premier and only Beatles tribute band!

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The Tribute

The Tribute

The Tribute

Is Calgary's premier Beatles tribute band and is the authentic tribute to the greatest band on earth. They will charm you with that incredible musical energy and infectious wit and humour that made the Beatles the legends that they are today.

The show starts in 1964 and goes through 1969. They will entertain you not only with the FAB's hit songs, but also the banter between themselves and the audience that made them so enjoyable to watch. 

 And through the versatility of sampling, every note and sound is recreated live every night as you hear it on the record. Tape loops, sound effects and even good ol' Ed Sullivan comes alive. No click tracks or sequencers are ever used in any show.


The Boys

The Tribute

The Tribute

Are the biggest fans of the Beatles and take pride in recreating that famous British sound with three sets and period costume changes. They also play with the period correct instruments to recreate that familiar sound you first heard on the record. The band is based in Calgary, Alberta

 All You Need Is Love is   Nathan Loo as "Paul",   Ven Guerra as "John",   Brian Mendiuk as "George" &   Aaron Patton as "Ringo".    

With Reed Crapo on keys, synth, tambourine, cow bell, tympanum, claves and all else the lads are too busy to handle, as "Billy Preston" and "George Martin" rolled into one. 

All You Need Is Love magically recreates the complete Beatles tribute show you don't want to miss. 


Mach Schau

The Tribute

Mach Schau

All You Need is Love will perform the classic hits you grew up with, covering the dynamic career of the Beatles from the Ed Sullivan Shows to the first american concert at the Washington Coliseum, paying close attention to every musical detail. The band will charm you out of your seat taking you back to those iconic days, wearing the famous outfits from the 60's and using the same amplifiers, guitars and drums of that era to produce that classic Beatles sound.

Then onto the Sgt. Pepper era where the boys starts to explore new musical boundaries. Setting off a tidal wave of musical creativity that only the FABS can pull off.

Towards the end of the night, the boys don the iconic suits on the Abbey Road album cover signalling the end of the greatest romance of the 20th century. 

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All You Need Is Love - Tribute To The Fab Four

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